Green Oasis Lawn Care Services: Your Local Provider For 45 Years

A green lawn is viewed as a luxury by many, but it doesn’t have to come at the cost of one. At Green Oasis, we have always prided ourselves as being an affordable and reliable lawn care company in the Eau Claire community. Unlike our competitors, such as TruGreen, as a local lawn care provider, we are easily accessible to our customers and are able to communicate in a timely and knowledgeable manner. Whether you are looking to schedule a service or just have a question about your lawn, our customer care representatives have been a part of the team for years and can guide you through how to better care for your lawn.One of the best things that you can do for your lawn is get on a regular weed control and fertilization program. At Green Oasis, we have a 5 step lawn care package that is designed to consistently feed your lawn throughout the summer. Our lawn care managers pay close attention to local weather conditions and adjust applications accordingly. When the weather gets hot and dry, our slow release fertilizer is designed to activate with water, feeding your lawn when you need it most. This service is guaranteed- any of our 5 application customers get free service calls! This means that if you aren’t seeing the weeds dying after 10 days, we will come out and re-treat your lawn at no extra cost to you.In places like Eau Claire where soil tends to be very light and sandy, consistent watering is the key. It is essential to keep your lawn green and healthy. A healthy lawn is the best weed control method out there! Consistent watering paired with regular weed and feed treatments is a sure way to keep your lawn healthy and weed free.Every time a Green Oasis technician visits your lawn, we evaluate the conditions and provide you with recommendations on how to get the best lawn on the block. Whether you want to DIY it or leave it to the professionals, our evaluations will guide you in the right direction. Green Oasis also offers a free 15 point lawn evaluation to all of our lawn care customers. We check for any signs of diseases, soil conditions, soil pH, compaction level, and anything else that may be impacting your lawn and come up with a personalized treatment plan based on this evaluation. It’s natural for your lawn to change over time, so it’s only natural that your care for it changes with it.If you would like a personalized lawn treatment plan that doesn’t just treat the symptoms, contact Green Oasis at 715-832-0800 or get your free quote online at