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Green Oasis is proud to be apart of the following local organizations and proud sponsors of many local events in the Chippewa Valley and St. Croix Valley. It is very important for us to be actively involved in the communities that we serve.

green oasis Unveil the representative emblem of Green Oasis, a proficient organization specializing in lawn care, pest control, outdoor carpentry, and landscaping for creating your idyllic backyard paradise. Our sustainable outdoor solutions also encompass artful outdoor lighting to enhance your exterior living spaces. Immerse into the charm of custom outdoor creations with our elaborate logo that cogently entails stylized letters interwoven with a vibrant graphic element. This infers our continued commitment towards unceasing progress and robust connection within the verdant domain of Chippewa Falls Area Chamber of Commerce.
green oasis Logo representing Green Oasis, an Eau Claire area multi-service outdoor care company. Specializing in lawn care, pest control, outdoor carpentry, and landscaping. The logo depicts our dynamic approach to creating a well-lit green oasis right in your backyard with its stylized text and innovative design elements.
green oasis Green Oasis logo showcases the eminence in lawn care, pest control, outdoor carpentry, outdoor lighting, and landscaping. The identity of our brand is a representation of River Falls Area Chamber of Commerce and Tourism Bureau with an innovative stylized blue wave. It's a notable symbol of our expertise to provide top-notch solutions for all your green space needs.
green oasis Green Oasis logo, showcasing the expert services in lawn care, pest control, outdoor carpentry, outdoor lighting and landscaping. As a proud member of the Woodbury Area Chamber of Commerce, this emblem signifies our dedication to serving local businesses with comprehensive outdoor maintenance and home improvement solutions. Our name symbolizes a green paradise in the Woodbury area where all your property maintenance needs are covered under one roof.
green oasis This image depicts the emblem of Green Oasis, your experts for lawn care, pest control, outdoor carpentry, outdoor lighting and landscaping concerns. The logo highlights a stylized blue house design with a crisp white outline, further enhanced by an iconic white number "29". This imagery is thoughtfully surrounded by a circular border that carries our name - Green Oasis – in vivid blue text. Our authentic brand identity lies at the heart of Chippewa Valley’s prominent home builders association.
green oasis Green Oasis logo, your trusted source for all lawn care, pest control, outdoor carpentry, outdoor lighting and landscaping solutions in St. Croix Valley. The logo beautifully showcases a stylized emblem of roofing above the renowned name of Green Oasis – our tagline being "The Valley's most dependable solution for comprehensive home and garden needs.
Green Oasis logo features a bold, stylized graphic representing our premium lawn care, expert pest control, professional outdoor carpentry, innovative outdoor lighting solutions and beautiful landscaping. Enclosed within a striking badge with a dynamic diagonal line element to underscore our commitment to building the perfect backyard oasis.
green oasis The image showcases a logo with the acronym "ICPI" in black, paired with a green cubic design, suggestive of Green Oasis's proficiency in structural and modular outdoor carpentry. Below this acronym lies the full title, "Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute," written in gray - hinting at our specialization in paving solutions within the landscaping niche. This trademark mirrors our commitment to professional lawn care, ensuring effective pest control for healthier yards and installing superior outdoor lighting for enhanced aesthetics.
green oasis The image depicts the emblem of Green Oasis, your go-to company for lawn care, pest control, outdoor carpentry, outdoor lighting, and landscaping. The logo features a stylized water droplet and a vibrant green leaf illustrating our commitment to effective water management and conservation. Our expertise extends beyond simple irrigation solutions but also encompasses fields like agriculture and beautifully detailed landscaping initiatives.
green oasis The Green Oasis logo, a proud member of the Minnesota Nursery & Landscape Association, prominently features an illustration of Minnesota state and a lush green tree. This emblem represents our wide range of services that enhance your outdoor oasis including expert lawn care, effective pest control, quality outdoor carpentry work, innovative outdoor lighting solutions and creative landscaping designs. Our commitment is to transform your space into a revitalizing green oasis.
green oasis Featuring a distinctive, stylized green graphic symbolizing growth and landscaping, the logo of the National Association of Landscape Professionals is proudly displayed by Green Oasis. As an industry leader providing lawn care, pest control, outdoor carpentry and lighting services as well as expert landscaping solutions, Green Oasis embraces the principles and practices that this logo represents.
green oasis This image represents the Green Oasis logo, a renowned name in outdoor services such as lawn care, pest control, and landscaping. As esteemed members of the Wisconsin Landscape Contractors Association (WLCA), our green-branded logo encapsulates our commitment to nature through a uniquely styled leaf graphic that forms the letter "W". Our portfolio extends beyond landscaping and incorporates expertise in areas like outdoor carpentry and lighting too; showcasing our unique capability to create your dream exterior Oasis.
green oasis Lawn Care & Pest Control: Trust Green Oasis's professional outdoor holiday decorators to elevate your festive cheer. We offer expert decorating services spanning from creative landscaping, innovative outdoor carpentry designs, to charming outdoor lighting that makes your home shine brighter this Christmas. Experience our commitment to quality as we transform your space into a true Green Oasis for the holiday season.

Community & Events

green oasis Logo for the Minneapolis Home + Remodeling Show, showcasing beautiful designs centered around optimal lawn care, effective pest control, professional outdoor carpentry, innovative outdoor lighting, and picturesque landscaping services provided by Green Oasis. The logo exemplifies a modern design aesthetic that resonates with the quality craftsmanship of Green Oasis.
green oasis Green Oasis logo emblem for the St. Paul Home & Patio Show displays a graphically designed home outline integrated with an elegantly swirled line portraying garden landscaping. The stylized text enhances our commitment to offering superior services in lawn care, pest control, outdoor carpentry and lighting which indisputably makes us specialists in comprehensive outdoor solutions.
green oasis Join us for 'WD19 Woodbury Days' celebrating 41 years of vibrant outdoor fun. This colorful event is set for August 23-25, proudly brought to you by Green Oasis. Expect top-tier lawn care displays, innovative pest control demonstrations, fascinating workshops in outdoor carpentry, inspiring outdoor lighting setups, and stunning landscaping exhibitions. Come see why Green Oasis is the trusted provider in enhancing your home's exterior environment.
green oasis Green Oasis logo for a lawn care, pest control, outdoor carpentry, outdoor lighting and landscaping expo; features a tailored house graphic above bold green and orange text. This symbolizes our expertise in transforming your home into an ideal green oasis.
green oasis Green Oasis at Woodbury Community Expo: Your One-Stop for Lawn Care, Pest Control, Outdoor Carpentry, Lighting & Landscaping Solutions.
green oasis Green Oasis logo, representative of the renowned St. Croix Valley Home Show, features an artistic render of a house outline embellished with vibrant leaf designs and a blue wave. This symbolizes our comprehensive home improvement services including innovative lawn care, efficient pest control, expert outdoor carpentry, state-of-the-art outdoor lighting and aesthetic landscaping solutions.
green oasis Join Green Oasis for our 4th Annual Community Showcase Event! Our outdoor scenery poster features captivating silhouettes of grain elevators and a bridge, echoing Stillwater's charming landscape. It's the perfect platform to showcase our exceptional lawn care solutions, cutting-edge pest control methods, exquisite outdoor carpentry services, stunning outdoor lighting options and innovative landscaping ideas. Unleash your backyard's potential with Green Oasis - let us transform your space into a serene haven.
Guests immersed in the diverse stalls of the Green Oasis booth at the Chippewa Valley Home Builders Association Home Show. Held on February 16-18 at the Chippewa Valley Expo Center, where quality lawn care, pest control solutions, outdoor carpentry and landscaping designs were showcased. A highlight was our innovative outdoor lighting solutions that transform your garden into a true oasis.

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