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Insect, Pest, and Rodent Control for Your Oasis

Green Oasis offers a variety of pest and rodent control services to keep your home or business safe. Routine visits enable our licensed and certified technicians to stay on top of and put an end to an infestation quickly and cleanly. We offer short-term or season-long control programs to best fit each individual situation.

green oasis A family of four revels in a leisurely walk across a vibrantly sunlit proof of our expert lawn care at Green Oasis. Our services stretch beyond-durable outdoor carpentry and top-tier landscaping, creating an enchanting backdrop for your precious moments. Thanks to our effective pest control, the field remains undisturbed; while subtle outdoor lighting adds a layer of magic to the picturesque greenery.

Mosquito & Tick Defense Program

  • Reduces Mosquito populations by as much as 85%
  • Derived from the chrysanthemum flower (friendly to pets, plants, etc)
  • Helps prevent diseases spreading from mosquitoes and ticks
  • Effective for mosquitos, ticks, fleas and gnats
  • Dries within 30 minutes
  • Certified and licensed technicians with years of experience

Our six-application mosquito and tick program is designed to create a shield over your lawn and surrounding landscape. Specialty applications for parties and events are available on request.

Insect Control and Defense

  • Plant & pet friendly
  • Applied around the foundation and along doors and windows
  • Dries within 30 minutes
  • Effective for a wide variety of insects and pests
  • Certified and licensed technicians with years of experience

Utilizes broad-spectrum control products to create a barrier around your home or business to minimize infestations of nuisance insects. Spiders, cobwebs, Asian lady beetles, boxelder bugs, pine beetles, wasps, hornets, and much more can all be controlled with preventative applications to your home’s or business’ exterior.

green oasis Capture a detailed look at an industrious paper wasp colony at work provided by Green Oasis - your trusted expert in pest control, lawn care and landscaping. Discover our outdoor carpentry services that offer protection against such pests, complemented by our outdoor lighting solutions to enhance your garden's safety and appeal. Experience ultimate outdoor comfort with Green Oasis, where we prioritize your needs while caring for the environment.
green oasis Two ants rendezvous on the fringe of a lush, Green Oasis-maintained leaf. One appears to share a small fragment of pest-resistant food amid an attractively landscaped background with earth-tones. Visible is also the company's handiwork in outdoor carpentry and strategically installed outdoor lighting that not only beautifies but also promotes effective pest control in your lawn.

Lawn Ant Control & Defense Service

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Applied to entire lawn and landscape to ensure full protection
  • 30-60 day reduction in population after application
  • Our products contain bait material and insecticide to target and eliminate the colony

While ants are generally regarded as beneficial to lawns and landscaping, when the population gets out of control, they can pose a problem. Nobody wants to see a sandy ant mound rising from their lush green lawn. Our program targets both the ants above the ground and the ones down in the mound.

Rodent Control & Defense

Property owners spend a lot of time and effort in making their property and landscape inviting and a pleasant place to live. It’s only natural that a variety of critters might feel the same way. Green Oasis has a system of rodent control products and delivery systems to make sure the welcome mat is not laid out for rats and mice.

green oasis A vigilant mouse perches atop our finely manicured green moss, a testament to Green Oasis's mastery in lawn care and landscaping. The meticulous pest control measures we employ ensure this tiny creature doesn't compromise the outdoor carpentry we're so proud of. Our strategically placed outdoor lighting showcases the verdant landscape, illuminating areas with an enchanting glow that only heightens the beauty of your revitalized personal haven. Trust Green Oasis; let us transform your outdoor space into a lush sanctuary.
green oasis Experience top-tier lawn care and pest control services with Green Oasis as we expertly distinguish and manage common garden pests, such as moles and voles. You'll appreciate our extensive knowledge in outdoor carpentry and landscape lighting that enhances your green spaces. Benefit from our complete landscaping solutions that not only deal with mammal pests but also add beauty to your outdoor oasis. Count on Green Oasis to transform your yard into a picturesque haven free from unwanted guests, featuring excellent illumination, landscaping architecture, and impeccable lawn care services.

Mole & Vole Control

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Regular visits to help control mole or vole populations
  • No traps to keep you from maintaining and enjoying your yard
  • Certified and licensed technicians with years of experience
  • More successful and efficient than setting traps

The Green Oasis Mole Control Program utilizes a bait capsule resembling a grub, a common food source for moles, that gets injected into their holes. This service is offered monthly from April to November when moles are most active. You may also be interested in a Curative or Preventative Grub Control Application to reduce their food source and make your property less appealing to moles.

Voles feed on the leaves and stems of grass as well as small plants, causing extensive damage to your lawn and gardens. The damage becomes evident in the spring after the voles have tunneled and fed beneath the snow. Our vole defense program targets the way voles behave and feed, helping to minimize the damage they can cause. We offer this program on a month-to-month basis year-round to manage their populations.

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