Custom Deck and Pergola Design

Custom Deck and Pergola Design

green oasis Green Oasis presents a stunning, artistically designed outdoor oasis featuring two levels of premium outdoor carpentry. The upper wooden deck offers the perfect lawn care with a designated dining area, enhancing your garden's landscape beauty. This space connects seamlessly to an inviting lower stone patio boasting comfortable seating and a warm fire pit. Amidst this outstanding display of outdoor carpentry and landscaping services is our carefully tended green lawn, accentuating the environment pest control measures we take to keep your outdoors lush and healthy. Nestled into this scenic view are beautifully landscaped garden beds masterfully created by Green Oasis’ professional landscapers. All set against the picturesque backdrop of a tastefully lit section of your house using our top-notch outdoor lighting solutions, transforming your exterior into a true Green Oasis.

Construct Your Oasis To Fit Your Lifestyle

Our experienced designers will work diligently with you to understand your needs and outline a deck plan that will complement your lifestyle! Although, envisioning the aesthetic aspect of your deck is important, so is understanding the functionality to ensure it meets your personal requirements. Entertaining, relaxation and outdoor grilling are activities considered when our deck designers are creating your dreams and aspirations!

Spark The Creativity Of Your Deck Project With:

  • Our 3D design software for visual rendering
  • Lighting options for posts, steps, and additional features
  • Rain protection systems for utilizing the space under a new or existing deck
  • Integrations with your current or future landscape

New Deck Builds

Whether it’s replacing your current deck or building a new deck for your home, the Green Oasis carpentry crews construct with quality craftsmanship throughout the whole process. With our passion and knowledge in the industry, our deck installation team will assemble a comfortable & safe structure for all to enjoy. In addition to an exceptional product, your relationship with us will be built every step of the way and beyond.

Types of Decking:
  • Low-maintenance
  • Treated wood
  • Cedar
  • And much more!
Deck Enhancements
  • High-performance railing systems
  • Luxurious lighting
  • Storage structures
green oasis Experience the ideal Green Oasis for your outdoor living space with our unique services that include high-end landscaping, efficient lawn care, durable outdoor carpentry, trendy outdoor lighting and comprehensive pest control. Make your home environment a beauty to behold with a second-story balcony contrasting beautifully against a clear blue sky or ground-floor patio displaying elegant archways creating the perfect haven of tranquility and relaxation.
green oasis Experience the tranquility of a personalized outdoor living space crafted by Green Oasis. Our expert team can transform your yard with beautiful landscaping, enhance your relaxation spot with comfortable outdoor carpentry, such as plush sofas adorned with decorative blue pillows overlooking lakeside views. We also offer efficient pest control solutions for untroubled downtime and sophisticated outdoor lighting options to create the perfect ambiance for your relaxing retreat. Trust Green Oasis for all your lawn care and exterior decor needs.

Deck Renovations

Increasing the value of your home and enjoying more time in your oasis are the benefits of renovating your deck. From replacing surface boards to updating steps, our crew members can tailor the look of your deck while keeping the project cost-effective. Transitioning to maintenance-free or upgrading to other options can provide substantial improvements to making a deck your own!

Recondition Your Deck With:

  • New surface boards
  • Deck extensions
  • Railing replacement
  • Stair additions or replacements
  • In-deck lighting features

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