Aerate & Seed Your Lawn

What do you need to know about fall aeration and seeding in Woodbury, Minnesota? The summer heat has finally faded and the autumn chill is in the air.Even though you might not think of the fall as peak landscaping season, you shouldn’t forget about your lawn the moment the leaves turn. Take a look at what homeowners need to know about Woodbury’s weather and fall aeration/seeding services.

What Is Lawn Aeration?

Before you learn more about seasonal aeration outside of your Minnesota home, you may need a better understanding of the service. Aeration is a lawn care service that involves creating small holes in the surface. Even though it may seem like punching holes into your lawn would make it look messy or reduce the overall aesthetics of your existing landscaping, this process serves a significant purpose in the overall health, well-being, and maintenance of your yard.

Lawn aeration reduces the surface compaction of the soil. Over time, use (foot traffic), settling, home improvement projects that require the use of outdoor machinery, and other similar activities push the soil downwards. This compacts the surface layers tightly. Excessive compaction makes it almost impossible for air and water to adequately move through the soil.

Without enough air and water, your yard can’t get the nutrients it needs to grow and thrive. Aeration creates pathways for air, water, and fertilizer to easily reach the roots of your lawn or plants that may grow in your yard.

What Is Lawn Seeding?

As the name implies, this landscaping service involves placing grass seeds into/onto your yard. You don’t need to remove all of the existing grass or wait for bare spots to seed a lawn.

A seeding service provides you with the chance to thicken the grass and create a lush, or fuller, effect. It can also even out a lawn that has some bare patches due to disease, pets/animals, or erosion.

Why Choose a Fall Aeration Service?

If you think of summer as peak landscaping season, you aren’t alone. The warm weather makes it possible for grass, trees, and plants to grow. But this doesn’t mean your yard work should stop when the weather cools down.

Summer isn’t just the growing season. It’s a time when homeowners (and their friends, family, or other guests) are more likely to go outside.

This means increased foot traffic—and increased compaction of soil. While you may still enjoy a few cool nights in your yard, your lawn may not get as much use in the autumn. This makes fall the perfect in-between time for a lawn aeration service.

Not only does a fall aeration service offer a way to relieve compaction, it prepares your lawn for next spring. With an autumn aeration, you won’t need to quickly care for your lawn when the warm weather arrives. This can save you time and energy as the next growing season approaches.

Why Choose a Fall Seeding Service?

Spring and summer are the seasons that provide the best months to grow a garden in Minnesota. But you don’t have to wait for next year’s warm weather to arrive just to seed your lawn. Like the rest of the state, Woodbury’s winters usually include freezing temperatures and plenty of snow. This type of weather makes planting impossible.

While you can’t seed a lawn in the winter months, you can start the process beforehand. A fall seeding service gives the grass seedlings time to take root before the temperatures dip. Provided your yard is well-aerated, the available nutrients and lack of competition from other plants or shrubs can give your lawn a boost.

Do you want to learn more about the aeration and fall seeding options in Woodbury? Contact Green Oasis for more information.